Kids Games

Small quick games, free to use, written with our kids in mind. Not wanting to subject our children to advertisements, not even our own, and especially none we had no control over. I wrote these apps for convenience and piece of mind. Enjoy!

Music Flash Cards

Complete with piano sound and keys (see settings), learn the basic elements of the music scale, treble and base clef one at a time! click/tap on the staff to repeat the sound of the note (if enabled).

Find That Book (of the Bible).

On your marks, get set, Go! Be the first to win the game by getting to the random book of the Bible. Best out of ten?

Tic Tac Toe

Inspired by running out of paper menus at a restaurant, this is the all time classic. We've never ran out of paper since...

Rock Paper Scissors

Just as effective as flipping a coin, decide who is player one/two before starting the game, the computer decides who wins!

JD's Platformer Adventure

Using Microsoft's make code arcade, this video game was created wholly by an 8-year-old (JD), with the exception of one "if statement" (Daddy didn't like starting over at the beginning of the game each time he fell into the lava). The game has five levels, the goal is to find the flag in order to move to the next level.