Toddlers and Twos

Your child's love of learning begins here! Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Sensorial, Practical Life, Dramatic Play, Music, Art, Culture, History, Sign Language and Foreign Language assist with the child's understanding of the world around them. The curriculum is tailored to meet each child's individuls needs and continues to nurture the child's need for social bonding. Our educational focus is on fine motor skill development that will prepare the child for writing as he develops his grip and muscles in his hands. While at Early Explorers Educational Child Care, we are sure that your child will grow into a successful student who will have a genuine love of learning!

Our Explorers Programs provides care for children  who are 18 months to three years of age.  There are only six children in this classroom which allows for lots of one on one interaction with the teacher. This is where all of the potty training takes place.  We work with you and your family to find out the best way to potty train your child.  With constant communication, we can ensure that your child will be potty trained and ready to move to the "Discoverers" room in no time.  Many other important developmental milestones occur in this room too.  Children practice self help skills, interacting with friends, and learn how to properly use their words to express how they are feeling.

Your child will have their own portfolio full of work samples, pictures, and proof of developmental milestones that were met whild in the Explorers Classroom.  It's like a developmental scrapbook of all of your child's acheivements!Parent teacher conferences will be held twice per year so that you may review you child's portfolio.